Throughout the year,  Instructional Technology and Design Services (ITDS) hosts a variety of events to allow faculty explore the possibilities of various technology tools and how to effectively integrate technologies in teaching and learning.  These are invaluable opportunities to come together with your colleagues from around the Campus; collaborate and share your experiences.

Faculty Development Program: Empowering Online Teaching and Learning

“Empowering Online Teaching and Learning” is a four-week program intended to provide faculty with an overview of teaching and learning online, applicable for both online and hybrid courses. Facilitated by our Instructional Designers, this course will demand approximately 2-4 hours of participation over each of the four weeks. Participation in this program is highly recommended for all faculty members who will be teaching online or hybrid courses for the first time at Montclair State University.

Our next sessions will be offered fully online coming this Fall from 10/16/17 – 11/12/17.

Registration is open. Please consider joining our Fall cohort.

This program is conducted in Canvas and includes the following four weekly modules:

  • Introduction to Teaching and Learning Online
  • Approaches to Online Instruction
  • Online Community and Interaction
  • Online Learning Assessments

This course is considered the pedagogical track of our faculty development program (FDP). We also offer a technology track to strengthen your mastery of instructional technologies. This track includes foundational workshops, delivered both face-to-face and online.
Please find additional details about the Canvas workshops here.

Previous Empowering Online Teaching and Learning offerings

From the fall of 2012, when the first cohort was offered, through the summer of 2013, there have been approximately 300 faculty register for this program, across colleges and departments. To learn more about the structure and components of the faculty development program and data analysis of faculty participation and survey responses from this first year of implementation view the ITDS group’s presentation from NJEdge here:

  • Summer 2017 Offerings: 1 completed cohort
  • Spring 2017 Offerings: 1 completed cohort
  • Fall 2016 Offerings: 1 completed cohort
  • Summer 2016 Offerings: 1 completed cohort
  • Spring 2016 Offerings: 2 completed cohorts (1 Hybrid and 1 fully online)
  • Fall 2015 Offerings: 1 completed cohort
  • Summer 2015 Offerings: 3 completed cohorts (1 Hybrid and 2 fully online)
  • Spring 2015 Offerings: 3 completed cohorts
  • Spring 2014 Offerings: 2 completed cohorts
  • Fall 2013 Offering: 1 completed cohort
  • Summer 2013 Offerings: 1 completed cohort
  • Spring 2013 Offerings: 3 completed cohorts
  • Fall 2012 Offerings: 1 completed cohort

Summer Institute

The 2017 Summer Institute for Teaching, Learning and Technology was a great success. Held on June 20th & 21st, this two-day event showcased best practices on how to design effective instructional strategies, facilitate learner-centered interaction and collaboration, and create objective-oriented assessments to enhance teaching and learning outcomes.  It also introduced emerging and effective instructional technologies for face-to-face, hybrid and online teaching to enrich the student learning experience.

More than fifteen faculty members shared their teaching strategies and showcased their courses. Stakeholders from existing online programs spoke about their program development, faculty development, course design practices, and much more. In addition, a variety of activities were included such as a student panel discussion, hands-on workshops, and course design and technology consultation sessions. This was an excellent opportunity for learning best pedagogical practices from experienced colleagues. We sincerely thank all attendees and participants for your contributions, and look forward to Summer 2018!

Take a look at our detailed agenda and meet our distinguished presenters.


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Tech Camps

The  Instructional Technology and Design Services (ITDS)  group hosts Tech Camps for faculty and staff to help them prepare for their future courses. These events demonstrate effective pedagogical strategies that promote active learning, facilitate productive collaboration, and utilize successful online learning assessments. To support these strategies, hands-on workshops are provided. These camps focus on how to make valuable use of Canvas and other technologies to enhance face-to-face, hybrid and online teaching. Opportunities are available for faculty and staff to work on courses with consultation and assistance provided by our staff.

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