Training & Development

In order to give faculty, staff and students the ability to explore and integrate technology, we have designed pedagogically sound workshops to help support teaching and learning in the classroom. We offer workshops on a wide range of topics, such as Best Practices in Effective Course Design, Facilitating Interaction in Online Courses, Designing Assessments in Online Courses and Transforming a Face-to-Face Course to an Online Course. We also offer workshops that explore the added benefits/possibilities of Web 2.0 technologies.

Canvas Workshops

We are pleased to announce the following six workshops for Canvas, the University’s new LMS:

  • Introduction to Canvas –
  • Facilitating Interaction In Canvas –
  • Designing Assessments in Canvas (Now offering evening and online classes)
  • Importing Blackboard Course Content into Canvas –
  • Building Communities in Canvas –
  • Web Conferencing Online

In addition, we offer workshops for university supported administrative technologies to assist staff in their daily roles/responsibilities.
For further information on the workshops we offer:


Throughout the year, TTI hosts a variety of events to allow faculty to explore the possibilities of technology and how to effectively integrate it in teaching and learning. These are invaluable opportunities to come together with your colleagues from around the campus, collaborate and share your experiences. For more information on these events, visit our Event’s page.

Group Training Opportunities

In addition to offering public workshops to the campus community, we provide private customized group training opportunities if resources allow. If you are in need of this service, please contact Susan Graham at 973.655.5449 or send an email to

Consultation Services

Consultation services allow for individualized attention with a technologist and/or instructional designer. For information on instructional design, visit our instructional design website. If you are in need of a consultation service with an experienced technologist, please contact Susan Graham at 973.655.5449 or send an email to

This is an introductory Canvas workshop. Come learn how to build a student friendly course in the Canvas environment. We will begin with the Canvas interface and learn how to effectively navigate within your course. You will explore how to customize your course Home Page, create announcements, build instructionally sound content, utilize the Syllabus tool, upload files and customize your course settings.
This workshop focuses on how to build an effective social learning environment within Canvas utilizing the Discussion Board, Wikis, Messages/Conversations, Conferences/Collaborations as well as groups to facilitate online interaction and communication. These features and tips can also supplement your traditional face-to-face courses.
This workshop focuses on how to build online assessment instruments by introducing assignments and quizzes, as well as demonstrate how to administer the Canvas Grade Center. It is intended to help faculty effectively assess/track student learning.
Are you planning on importing content from Blackboard to Canvas? Would you like guidance/assistance with this process? If so, come to this important workshop to learn more about the process and what to expect. Prerequisite: Canvas Sneak Peek or Intro to Canvas.
Canvas can be used to build communities which allow any department or group at Montclair State University to easily communicate, collaborate, and share information. Communities are similar to Canvas courses, but are designed for organizations and administrative work groups. Please come to this class if you are looking for an easy way to communicate and collaborate within your department or group. This course will also guide current Blackboard Community users on how to transfer their community content to Canvas.
THIS COURSE IS HELD ONLINE. This course focuses on how to use the built-in feature of conferencing in your Canvas courses to allow you to conduct synchronous (real-time) lectures/meetings for all your students in your course. Conferencing allows you to broadcast real-time audio and video, demo applications on your desktop, share presentation slides, or demo any online resources. This workshop will be conducted “Live” online.

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