Online Course Sample

Online courses at Montclair State University are structured using a user-friendly web environment to provide you with all relevant course information, access to learning materials and activities, opportunities to engage and collaborate with peers and your professor, as well as assessments to enable you to demonstrate your understanding and mastery of the course.

Each course includes the components listed below:

  • Welcome: Includes a brief introduction to the course, the course goals, and an outline of the Learning Units.
  • Syllabus: Includes all relevant course information and a downloadable version of the syllabus.
  • About Instructor: Information about your instructor's background, and contact information.
  • Course Schedule: Includes the time frame for each learning unit, a summary of assignments and important deadlines.
  • Learning Units: Your course will be divided into relevant sections, much like the sessions or lessons experienced in a face-to-face course. Each Learning Unit contains learning objectives, requirements, subject content, opportunities for interaction, and activities that will be used to assess your mastery of the unit's content.
  • Cyber Cafe: This is a Discussion Board intended to help students to get to know each other and provide a place for casual conversation, off-topic issues or FAQs.
  • Tech Help: Includes information on technical support and resources.

To take an interactive tour of a sample course, click on the Play button below: