2011 Summer Institute for Online Teaching and Learning

Monday, June 20 - Wednesday, June 22

Additional Resources

Diigo is an information management tool that allows you to collect and organize bookmarks, highlights, notes, screenshots, pictures, documents, audio, etc. Diigo can be accessed from a multitude of devices, can be accessed anywhere, and makes it easy to share your information with others. For more information, visit www.diigo.com.
Doodle allows you to create and share meeting proposals within your web browser without creating a user account. Invitations with several proposal dates and times are hosted on HTML web pages that can be sent to users. Recipients can be polled, either privately or publicly, in order to decide on a meeting date.
 For more information, visit www.doodle.com
Google Voice
Google Voice is a web-based application that can be used to make voice and video calls from PC-to-PC and voice calls from PC-to-telephone. Google Voice has recently been integrated with Gmail's chat function in order to centralize Google's communications services. For more information, visit
mail.google.com/ or google.com/voice.
Screenr is a free screen capture utility that works on both PC and Mac. Screen capture utilities are used to record whatever content is currently on your computer's display. No external software is required to install Screenr, though there is a 5 minute limit on free recording. After recording, Screenr provides a URL to access and share your video. For more information, visit www.screenr.com.
Skype is an application that allows users to share text, voice, and video synchronously. With Skype, you may use the text and voice functionality to communicate with one person or many for free. One-on-one video calling is free as well, though users must pay for a Skype subscription to utilize group video calling. For more information, visit
A VoiceThread is a collaborative slideshow that can be used to view, share, and comment on several artifacts. Artifacts can include videos, photos, documents, or websites. Comments, which may be created by other VoiceThread users, can be made using voice, video (from a webcam), text, or audio clips. With a free account, you can save up to three VoiceThreads. No software needs to be installed to create a VoiceThread. For more information, visit