2011 Summer Institute for Online Teaching and Learning

Monday, June 20 - Wednesday, June 22

About the Summer Institute:

The 2011 Summer Institute takes a comprehensive and systematic approach to the design and development of online courses. It coaches faculty with the process of instructional design, strategies for building online collaboration, and methodologies for creating instructional activities and learning assessments. The Institute is committed to promoting active learning, facilitating integrative collaboration, building effective online learning assessment, and developing successful online course management skills. This event demonstrates instructional technologies that can be integrated into online courses to facilitate online learning. It also provides an opportunity for faculty to share experiences and work on an online course with individual consultation provided by our Technology Training and Integration (TTI) staff. 

How the Summer Institute Works:

The 2011 Summer Institute will begin with a presentation of the Online Program Development at MSU and include a showcase of an Online Certificate Program.  Participants will hear from faculty who have experience in teaching online courses, are in the process of developing an online course, or who have effectively integrated technologies into teaching. Resources and information will be provided to participants regarding online course planning/analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. Participants will have the opportunity to attend several workshops/presentations for online instruction, online integration and online assessment. There will also be the opportunity for group discussion and course design activities.



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