Provide Grading Rubrics

Scoring rubrics not only provide grading guidelines, but also explain what students are supposed to do in order to complete assignments. Researchers recommend using grading scales and rubrics that are assignment-specific and designed with criteria that are highly explicit. They can help students understand what is expected of them in the assignments, and provide more structure and reliability to the assessment process. A rubric:

  • Lists characteristics that describe the performance
  • Applies a fixed scale that rates the quality of product
  • Communicates to students the expectations of quality performance
  • Helps teachers to be more accurate, unbiased and consistent with grading
  • Can be used by students, peers and instructors

A rubric can be used not only as grading criteria of assessment, but also as guidelines for students how to approach assignments/projects. RubriStar is a great online tool to create grading rubrics. The listed below are some sample grading rubrics.

  1. Discussion Evaluation Rubric I
  2. Essay Evaluation Rubric
  3. Presentation Evaluation Rubric
  4. Research Paper Evaluation Rubric
  5. Project Evaluation Rubric
  6. Wiki Rubric
  7. Blog Rubric
  8. E-Portfolio Rubric
  9. Video Project Rubric

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