Online Accessibility

Commitment to Accessibility at Montclair State University

As an institution that receives federal funding under the Assistive Technology Act, we are committed to making our electronic and information technology (EIT) accessible to people with disabilities (required by Section 508).

Accessible Instructional Materials

All course materials should be posted in an accessible format. We’ve outlined some actions you can take to ensure your courses are accessible to all students.


Video and Audio

  • Videos have captions.
    NJVid allows for you to add captions directly to your videos.
  • Audio files include transcripts.

Images and Graphics

  • All images and graphics need alternative text or descriptions (e.g. “ALT”) which allow visually impaired students to understand what they represent.

Layout, Design and Color

  • Use headings to make pages easy to navigate.
  • Font size should be larger than 10pt, to ensure legibility.
  • Links should be labelled in a descriptive way. Avoid “click here” or URLs to web addresses
  • Tables should be formatted to include row and column headers.
  • Color should not be used to convey important information.
  • Ensure color contrast is strong.

Canvas Specific Tips

For additional guidance please consult with the MSU Disability Resource Center.

References Consulted

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