2014 Summer Institute

Canvas is here! Are you ready?

The 2014 Summer Institute took place June 9th – 11th, University Hall, 5th Floor. Take a look at the agenda.

The Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), replaced Blackboard in the Fall 2014. The 2014 Summer Institute, presented by Information Technology’s Technology Training and Integration (TT&I) group, was centered on assisting with the Canvas transition. This event offered an extensive look at Canvas, the University’s new LMS, in order to be fully prepared for Fall 2014. Workshops were provided, and  focused on how to get started in Canvas, makeing effective use of features that support teaching and learning in online, hybrid and face-to-face classes. Participants heard from faculty presenters on their experiences with teaching with Canvas, and there was ample opportunity to work on courses with consultation provided by our staff.

About Canvas

Oriented towards teaching and learning efficacy, Canvas is designed with a pedagogical paradigm centered clearly on learning and collaboration. Canvas provides for dynamic interaction across features and easily integrates multimedia technologies and social media applications. The user-interface design of Canvas is much simpler and more user-friendly, which reduces the learning curve for both faculty and students. Canvas offers a variety of exciting features such as an integrated media recorder for videos or audio, collaborative workspaces for groups, web conferencing with real-time audio, video and whiteboard capabilities, powerful authoring tool sets for both instructors and students, an interactive grading system which allows for teacher feedback/annotations, robust course notifications, graphical analytics reporting, intuitive interface, etc. Canvas can also be used to facilitate community collaboration for file sharing and communications.

Please visit the Canvas Information site for more details about the background, timeline, tutorials and important resources related to this transition.

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